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Mobile application development is almost same as Web application development with an exception that Mobile Apps are mostly written to take advantage of unique features of latest mobile phone operating systems. For example, various gaming apps are written to take advantage of Anroid and iOS accelerometer feature.

Earlier in 2008 when mobile market became public, mobile application development companies develop mobile apps natively for the mobile device it was to be used.

Mobile App. Development companies had to write different code for every device platform- iPhone, Black Berry, Android, Symbian. Though this is best practice to follow, drawback here is we have to keep sync of huge code and every time we need a small change in app we have to update applications for all platforms.

To overcome this drawback, mobile app. developers now a days tend to build a website based on HTML5 and Jquery which give look and feel like an application and works good on all platforms and easy to update if any changes needed.

We at Infoseek believe that mobile goes beyond apps. Businesses must be able to make use of basic functionality to the right people and on the right devices. Client targeted mobile apps must be rich in feel and should have entire focus on end user, while internal apps must be secure and resource efficient.

A perfect mobile application should be designed and coded to be device independent, elastic, API oriented, responsive and contextual. At Infoseek, we believe in perfection and develop iOS, Android and Windows app which perform best to achieve your business goals.

30% of people using Internet use Internet on smart phones and tabs. Why loose this 30% by not having a mobile app for your business.

Lets talk about the idea of Mobile App you have in mind and we will give it a shape and life.