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Why reinvent the wheel by developing a website or shopping cart from scratch when there are number of free open source systems ready to be customized

Open Source Content Management System & Shopping Cart frameworks are smart cost effective alternative of developing a CMS or ecommerce website from scratch. There is a noticeable increased return on investment and comparatively less amount of time required for developing a website based on Open Source CMS or Shopping carts.

Decade back, having a website with content management systems or an e-commerce shopping cart based website was a dream for most of the small business & mid size business owners. As these types of websites required huge licensing fees or recurring cost or most of the time vendors provided it like Software as a service kind of thing, having them paid a monthly fee. The benefits of open source technology are now being utilized to develop web based content management system and web based e-commerce platforms which are provided mostly free or with a one-time cost, that are both cost effective and easy to use. Open source content management systems are now affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

Almost all web based open source platforms provide front end and backend. Frontend is for the users or website visitors, which makes the look and feel of website. Backend is for webmasters to manage website database.

These systems make our life easy by providing template or theme based system, using which we can change look and feel of frontend easily. We are free to create any new design as theme and implement it easily.

Open source shopping carts backend is very robust; using which web master can manage products, users, payments, orders, shipping as well as content. They provide unseen flexibility overall.

When requirement of your web development is very specific there also these open source CMS or Shopping carts allow you flexibility. You have two options:

Why Open Source Web Development?

Few open source content management systems we recommend:

Few open source shopping carts we recommend:

If your low budget is stopping you from having a good content managed website or an online store, open source web development is your green signal to get a low cost website or an online shopping cart done.

Feel free to contact us to understand your needs and suggest best suited open source solution for your website development.

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